E-Learning and Sport

May 06, 2013


did you ever have the chance to build e-learning courses for sports team?

I mean teams from NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, Premier League and similar..

Which kind of courses have yo produced?

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David Anderson
Raven Stone

I havent had the pleasure to create one for a rea hockey team (dream job) but I did develop this for my Instructional Design Masters senior project using Flash back in 09 ::

Hockey Rules:

I have volunteered for a minor league hockey team and think e-learning could have been used to educate game-day workers/volunteers on what to expect, where to stand, rules of the arena to make things run more smoothly. For instance, you have to be in a certain spot at a certain time for promotions and intermissions, the lay out of the arena would be helpful, rules of the arena ..remembering not to walk in front of paying fans while puck is in play (big one)... etc. Also would be helpful to introduce the brand/image and making the worker see the overall picture. Other elearning could be customer service/merchandise/consessions. I would need to conduct a needs analysis to see where the deficiencies/or room for improvement specifically lie. and currently pursing a second masters in systems engineering. Would be neat to run simulations to handle crowds / merchandise demands / etc.

Don't know if this helps but very interesting topic to me

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