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Apr 14, 2014

Do you have a blog? I thought this could be a thread where we post links to new blog posts. I'm always interested to know what other people are posting!

Today, I published a post regarding an article on Contact North's site about How to Design an Innovative Course (linked to in my blog post). Check it out, and let me know what your stance on designing an innovative course entails!


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Jeff Kortenbosch

Here's mine: http://blog.seriouslearning.nl

I've not been posting that much. There seems to be to little hours in a day. Doing 2 jobs, studying, being a father and husband and spending time in the community leaves little left.

I also have a Youtube page: https://www.youtube.com/user/SERIOUSLEARNINGNL/

This is what I post to the most.

Dianne  Hope

Some fantastic blogs here - I'm looking forward to checking them all out.

Here are mine:

The Knowledge Project is where I intend to blog about a range of topics, including lifelong learning, collaborative and organisational learning, instructional design, knowledge management and eLearning course development.  I also use this site as a personal knowledge management portal.

Click on the image to visit my "The Knowledge Project" blog. 

I also have a blog on my e-Portfolio under the title "Inspiration" which started off as a single page to collect my thoughts on things that inspire me, but I turned the page into a series of blog posts so I could categorise the posts and maintain some kind of order for myself and others visiting my e-Portfolio.  The site is also an opportunity for me to showcase my ability to collect, organise, interpret and reflect on my learning and how I put this into practice.

Click on the image to visit my "Inspiration" blog on my e-Portfolio site:


Ruth McElhone

Awesome idea Ashley!

The link below is to our company blog here at B Online Learning. Matt also had a few guest posts recently as well!

It's everything from Storyline tips to eLearning design to online facilitation.....


Looking forward to looking at the other blogs and getting some new tips and ideas .

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