E-learning challenge idea!!

Nov 04, 2014

David---hey I took some recommendations from the site on book recommendations and bought almost all of Jim Krause's books on design and I had an idea for a weekly challenge.

Krause challenges his readers to complete tasks throughout his book Design Basics Index and one has stuck with me.   Take 10 pennies and arrange them on a paper to symbolize several different words: anarchy, isolation, escape, unity, etc... Then have someone guess which one each diagram represents the word.  

So I was thinking that e-learning is dependent on graphics to create themes, right?  Why not have a challenge where you give a list of words where we could design the symbology which we feel best represents the themes to the e-learner.  

It's a great testament of how planning a learning curriculum (content) is very dependent on the arrangement of graphics throughout the presentation to exude an overall theme to the learner.  Just a thought...  

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