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Jun 26, 2014

Hi There,

I currently work as a learning designer, but I am looking into going on a course in e-learning design.

I am looking for one that:

- is not a technical course (I already know how to use Articulate, Captivate and KS Tutor)

- Under £2,000

- Offers a recognised qualification at the end

- Is based in the West Midlands (UK)

I am wondering if any of you have recommendations on which courses would be best or which organisations offer the best ones?


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Jackie Van Nice

Hi Kylie!

Just an idea, but since you're looking for a course in a very specific geographic location, I'd suggest editing the title of your post to include that information so you can more easily catch the eye of people who might be able to help.

Maybe "Looking for E-Learning Design Courses in West Midlands UK"?

I definitely wish you good luck in your search!

All the best,


michelle eames

I would recommend the Training Foundation based in Coventry.

There  are lots of different courses you can take that can build up to an diploma in elearning.


If you call them they would be happy to help.  I am lucky enough tro have completed them all.  And I have found the trainers to always to make the courses fun and engaging.  You can do some of the courses online too.

Good lUck - Let us  know what you decide!


Kylie Timms

Nicholas Ostheimer said:


What would your reason be for taking a course as opposed to learning from experience and self-study?

Are you looking for a new job or for a promotion in your current company?


Hi Nicholas,

I am not looking for either, rather my manager wants to help me get some official qualifications as at the moment all of my skills are self-taught. I also feel I will benefit from the knowledge I would gain from the courses, which of course will improve the e-learning I am designing.

Rachel Barnum

I'm US based, and ASTD is very well known here. I'm not sure if that's the case in the UK. Regardless, I highly recommend this course:


They do offer online sessions so it may be an option for you. This was a really fantastic course, and since you already have e-learning experience, I recommend the advanced version. 

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