E Learning Feedback questions

I am delivering the first Pilot course on Tuesday and I want to have a survey at the end asking for the candidates view of e learning compared to classroom/training room method.

I am trying to gather evidence to show E learning is a valid tool in business and that its beneficial to the business and the candidate.

Does anyone have any good questions they have used in similar exercises?

How has anyone else gathered feedback to show E Learning is a benefit to a company?

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Minh-Triet Nguyen

I think when you survey students (ie Level 1 evals) you can get some insight to whether students are comfortable with e-learning, but not necessarily how beneficial it is to the company.  In our level 1s, we ask students to rate different aspects of the course, like pace, organization, and ease of use.  We also ask them to rate how important the content is to their job, and their confidence in being able to execute what was trained.  Again, subjective data but it can be helpful for future designs.

You should really be polling the managers and supervisors to see if the employees who took the training are actually executing after the fact.  If they are executing at the same level as others who learned via classroom, you can compare costs related to travel saves, development time, and students' time off the floor to take training.