E-learning healthcare courses (potential freelance opportunity)

May 18, 2012

Hi, I work for a company called M&K Update in the UK. We are a healthcare training company and we have just started to develop elearning courses for our new LMS. We have been developing courses but im wondering if there are any people out there (freelancers) that we could outsource some courses to?

We have our own trainers so all the content would be supplied in Powerpoint form and we have images too. We are looking for people with a real design flair, as a bonus you will have dealt with healthcare courses before and also have the ability to do some voice for the courses (not essential). Courses would be around 4 hours.

I'm just putting the feelers out there really, we have no idea what people charge and if you could tell me though PM that would be good.

Note, we just want some information if there are people out there really and how much it would cost us. If anyone can help us with this is would be great.



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Shane Robinson

Hi Dan,

I am an instructional design and E-Learning freelancer with 10 years of experience developing web-based training. I also have some previous experience in healthcare and more recently with healthcare training. If you provide a sample of what you are looking for in terms of 'design flair' I could mock up something to those specifications. Would you be interested in sending a sample of what you are looking for and a few PPT slides? I could then design and demonstrate my capabilities in a sample and email it back.

My email is: robinsonshane@live.com



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