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raj sarwa

Hi Poornima,

Happen to check your post now, I would like to tell you that I am Delhi based freelance designer. I am just doing outsource project, which is based on articulate or flash courses. I have notice that retails sector and hotel sector gradually growing in e-learning to train their staff.


Raj sarwa 

sundara vadivel


i am sundaravadivel from tamilnadu, I am a content develop for school subject(physics). I want to move into instructional designer field it is very difficult to fine where i start, when will i get good knowledge in ID. First of all i don't how to design the document, storyboarding and all can you help me. Actually i made text with jannet, she has given some guidlince to me and also she suggest you contact you people can you help with suitable example, you can reach me sundarjmc054@gmail.com.