[E-learning in Healthcare] Monthly Discussion June '12

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I'm currently consulting for a group that provides a SaaS platform service to hospitals around the country. I'm building training for Employee Health Services staff to use this platform, and I love using the new Storyline product for development, but am having challenges navigating the restrictive browser security settings used at each client-hospital site. I've been building with Articulate for years and never encountered an organization that, by default, had all ActiveX controls blocked and couldn't turn them on or prompt to allow on a case by case basis!

I'm curious how other healthcare training professionals have dealt with this challenge and if there are any best practices for publishing eLearning courses for this industry.” - Sarah Doyle

Thank you for your question Sarah. I have noticed a number of threads over the past while to the community regarding freelancers, consultants and best practices.

Have any ideas for future monthly discussion topics? Please send a private message to  Nita Venter). Thank you for those who have sent through ideas, we will definitely share these with the community in the coming months.

Wishing you all a great summer! Take Care - 'Nita _____________________________________________

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David Anderson

Hi Nita and Sarah-

That really is a tough one. Do you have any more info about the courses and where they're being hosted? Are they hosted from the same place each time but they play differently in each hospital? Or, are the courses deployed from local networks?

It might be easier to submit a ticket when it happens, so we can troubleshoot each instance: http://www.articulate.com/support/contact/submit.php


Nita  Venter

Thanks David.

One of the challenges working as a freelancer/contractor is that you are exposed to many different systems, platforms, needs etc. With all these different parameters, are there tools that the community are using to help fast track identifying some of the known / unknown eLearning Project Management Requirements.

One of the tools I have been building on over the years is a "Master Checklist" - basically a number of checklists into one (includes elements such as: Project Management  -  Indstructional Design | Technical | Accessibility | Navigation | Assets (Media >Audio, Video>.Graphics>Client Branding>Fonts>Colors| QA....etc  

There are a number of checklists out there (for example "The Ultimate Checklist", Cathy Moores Strong elearning checklist.- see attached)..etc. that I initially used as a foundation, but some of the Project Functions/Features and "Watchout fors" are contsantly growing. For example, with MP4 support, some of my customers did not have MP4 MIME type installed n their servers, so this has now been added to the checklist.

I am happy to start building/sharing a Master eLearning Checklist with the community - all submissions welcome.


Kate Jurd

Hi there

I would like to know if there are any medical photographic images being made available for storyline?  There is currently a bundle available, but not specifically for healthcare. Or has anyone got access to free medical (doctors/nurses) cut outs that can be included in storyline interactions.