E-Learning Internship

So I work full-time as a director of instructional technology.  Most of my time is spent making sure my department runs smoothly and delivers quality service. Unfortunately this means I have hardly any time for working in my preferred field of instructional design and e-learning.  

I'm looking to make a career change, but I feel I need more hands-on experience in e-learning design.  The articulate community has been a great resource and often talks about building a portfolio.  I think I'd be better prepared if I delved into an internship opportunity.  This way I can build my portfolio using real world experience.  

Does anyone here know of an companies offering remote internships for e-learning?  I would prefer to work in Storyline 2 as my primary authoring tool.  I have an extensive background working in Information Technology and education, which I believe would compliment my move to  a Learning and Development field.  

Any advice would be much appreciated.  

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Christy Tucker

KeelWorks has part-time, remote internships. I'm not sure what tools they use, but it's probably worth contacting them to ask. http://keelworks.org/opportunity.htm

Designers for Learning is in the middle of a course right now, but they'll probably offer it again in the spring. This is an opportunity to practice and be mentored while creating learning materials as a service project. They aren't focused exclusively on elearning, but you might find a way to use Storyline if that's your goal. http://designersforlearning.org/