e-Learning materials in Higher Education

Hi Everyone,

I'working as a content developer/learning technologist role for the few months and was wondering if there is anyone here that also works in higher education that could point me in the direction of a decent guide on the steps/stages required to create online content.

I am already creating materials but these are coming from PowerPoint into Storyline 2 with the minimum amount of work being done to them (due to a lack of time before they need to be released)

I have got a few modules/courses that need to be created by end of march and also for the start of the next academic year so have now go the time to plan it all out properly :)

Anyone help?

Just like to add that I've dumped Captivate for Storyline 2 and am so much happier with it!

Thanks in advance...


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Dave Bull

Hi Kristine,

I'm following the ADDIE process but I was wondering if anyone had any experience on working within Higher Education?

My side of things is sorted, it's just trying to explain to lecturers that their PowerPoint slides just isn't enough when it comes to eLearning and we need more from them!

Thanks anyway :)


Kristine Cariello


I am thinking in order to relate to the professors why not tell them that the content on their slides isn't addressing higher order thinking and perhaps won't result in the desired objective (whatever those may be)?  Also, do you have a template that you use with the professors in walking through the slides and overall course?  Do they themselves understand what ADDIE is...backwards design is very familiar to teachers (I know, I am one).  Here's a good site to share with the professors and they can see if their powerpoint slides answer any of the questions raised in ADDIE. https://wikis.uit.tufts.edu/confluence/display/UITKnowledgebase/ADDIE+Instructional+Design+Process