E-Learning Pets: Post photos of your 'co-workers'!

Jan 27, 2015

David and I were tweeting at each other, and he had the great idea to start a thread for us to share photos of our pets. As many of us work from home, these guys may be our only companion on any given workday...You are not crazy. I promise. Maybe share a bit about them too - we all love our pets!

Here are mine:


Alison is eight and extremely solitary - seriously. I have no idea where she goes all day. She's half siamese and has the distinctive meow. She absolutely hates two things: the vet (she's been ONCE!) and wind.

Sophie is the oldest, and the crotchetiest. She's nine and loves chattering at birds and snuggling with Milo. Weighing less than any other living creature in our household, she is the resident defender. Sophie don't play.

Milo is also nine. He's blind in both eyes, but gets around just fine. He is the most reliable cuddler, and makes his way to bed every night as soon as we settle in. Milo loves everything and is afraid of nothing.

Oliver is three. He is a beagle/shepherd mix, has had one toe amputated, and LOVES frisbee more than anything else in the whole wide world. He's terrified of fireworks.


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Jeanne Bernui
Jackie Van Nice

Ashley, this post inspired me to consider what you get when you add pets + online training. A quick search for "cat games" led to this interactive session for our guy Dewey:

Dewey Enjoying Some Interactivity

This is great!  I read an article just the other day about DogTV - a network of programming specifically designed to entertain dogs.  Has anyone seen it?  I think I read that it's only available through Dish... I see they have a YouTube channel, too.

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