E-learning project proposal template anyone?

Good morning,

I'm trying to find some sort of an E-learning project proposal plan template. I've searched the web, but didn't quite find what I'm looking for. 

I need a template that will include the following pedagogical concept and approach:

Based on the training description, how would I:

- Introduce this topic to my clientele

- What innovative concept would I use

- What pedagogical approach would I use

- What are the training objectives

- What arguments would I present to défend my concept to my client

Any ideas?

Thank you for your help, it's greatly appreciated!


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Nicole Legault

Hey Julie!

Welcome to the community and thanks for posting your question! Great question, actually. I think writing e-learning project proposals is really an art in itself. I just did a quick Google search of "e-learning proposal template" and came up with quite a few great Word documents you could use as a starting point for your proposal. 

Every proposal is different and I don't think you'll find one pre-existing proposal template that includes all of the items you listed. Instead, take an existing template that is close enough (or as close as you can find to what you're trying to achieve) and then build on that, and add in the sections that are missing. You can certainly use Google to find a lot of information (past white papers, other templates, etc) to fill up those new sections you want to include.

I know that for my Instructional Designer friends they have one template that they generally work with, and then they add, edit, remove, and customize their existing template based on the project and proposal requirements. Hope this helps!