E-Learning Tool Guidance required

Jul 09, 2016

Dear Forum Members,

I am a technical instructor who trains participants on Microsoft technologies. I would like to develop an e-learning course which will have recordings (I will record series of steps in the software and then i would like the same to be embedded in the e-learning), walkthroughts, quizes, informational screens, progress tracking etc. Which E-learning tool will help me do this to minimum programming.

Also, the content has to be responsive and scorm compliance to be uploaded on moodle etc.

Please guide me as i do not have any idea on a good tool



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Christy Tucker

Captivate can create responsive learning. In Captivate 9, you can create 5 versions for each screen: desktop, tablet landscape, tablet portrait, phone landscape, and phone portrait.

The trick is that if you're recording screens, what are people on phones going to see? Are they going to complete training on their phones but see a tiny version of a desktop, or are you going to record the steps separately for phones? Rearranging it for a tablet is one thing. You can probably still show the desktop version, perhaps with the screen focus shifted to the most important parts. You can still do interactive simulations where users tap the right menus or options instead of clicking with a mouse. A phone is a whole other situation though.

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