E-Learning Voiceover and Narration

Nov 02, 2015

Hi Articulate Community!

Hope you all had a great Halloween!  I am posting here on what I think is a long-shot, but figured it doesn't hurt to ask. 

My situation is this: I am a one-man show and do most of my narration.  I have examples with characters talking to each other, and currently use bubbles to show that they are talking to eachother.   However, because I am required to narrate the course, I feel like suddenly having speech bubbles for characters is odd and out of place -- in particular I think the user might think there is something wrong with his/her audio.


Is there a voice-changing software out there that I can use to make my voice sound like a man's, or simply different without being too cartoony -- for example, I am trying to avoid "little girl" or "robot" voices.

Any and all feedback/suggestions are appreciated.


Thank you!

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Steve Flowers

Your mileage may vary but this could do the trick: http://screamingbee.com/Product/MorphVOX.aspx

There are a few examples down the page. Another approach is to grab someone to narrate those bits or use something like http://narratorfiles.com as an inexpensive alternative if you don't have the budget for pro narration (always a good first choice if you can swing it).

Tammy Moore

I bet there are others in the same boat from time to time. Why not team up with others and trade out voice recordings when needed. I would be interested in setting up a trading partnership. Here is a link to a project that has the voice in already (though not anything else yet since other projects had to be pushed in front of it). It can help you to see if our voices are already to similar to be useful for a trade. http://www.virtualhomeschoolgroup.org/vhsgfiles/Welcome/Welcome/

If you are interested, contact me at teacher.tammy.moore@gmail.com. :0)

Condoleeza T.

Hi there, I have a few training courses in which I have an employee and boss having a conversation.  I simply got 2 people I know with great voices to do read the script.  They happened to be my neighbors and I took them out for dinner as a thank you!  It needed to sound real so the fact that they weren't professional voice actors was fine and they did great.  

TJ Murphy

Agree 100% with using Audacity. One of the best open source apps ever. Try changes to your voice using the Effects menu for Pitch, Speed, Tempo. In addition try on some more severe effects in small doses such as Reverb and WahWah. Audacity will preserve the quality of your original recording, something that may not happen with online voice changer apps.

Luke Merrick

If you're looking to add easy, and relatively well-priced, variety to your narration then I recommend Neospeech. It's an online computer-generated text-to-speech service with multiple languages and accents available. 

And no, they don't all sound like a robot.

It's not necessarily as good as a real Voice over actor as the words have been recorded individually, so the tone can sometimes be a bit off. But it's worth a look, especially since it generates immediately and could save a one man show some time!

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