E-learning without text or audio

Hello all,

Since 2015 I work as a trainer of a company that sells machines all over the world. It's customers are trained through classroom sessions with the help of interpreters.

I would like to integrate e-learning but due to costs, it's not possible to translate e-learning courses to all those different languages.

So I wonder if anyone in this community has any ideas or maybe examples of courses without text /audio.

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Marnix Bosman

The learning content is technical. It's about the interface (application) of the machine, setting up production, cleaning procedures and safety regulations.

Translation is not really an option because of regular updates in the software and changes in the workings of the machine. Translation would need to be to many different languages (english, german, french, italian, spanisch, russian, polisch, arabic, ...) 

Marnix Bosman

Hello Nancy,

I've been very busy at my employer (doing lots of classroom training and learning about the machines) and only recently we have been talking about publishing the procedures as videos on (for instance) YouTube.

When we were to record screens in the machine software or a video at the machine physically, we would like to be able to add text and/or symbols afterwards. Magnifying certain areas of the screen is also something we think about.

Now, we don't have a tool for this and I would like to know if you might have any experience with this with Articulate 360 and if there are any examples available to watch.

I hope to hear from you.

Thank you in advance.