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Hello fellow L&D friends, 

I am creating a few e-learning modules for our seasonal employees to take and I would like to create a simple workbook that accompanies the e-learning, mainly for note taking, takeaways, etc. 

Does anyone have any good ideas or examples of something they have created similar to this? Also, if you know of any good resources I could use as inspiration that would be great. Thanks! :) 



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Russ Sawchuk

Hi Ashlee,

For most of the e-Courses that we develop for clients now, I usually include handouts and a podcast. The handouts include the slides and narration for each. You could easily add additional pages of resources.

We also make a podcast from our narration to enable our learners to download it to their mobile device and listen to it offline at their convenience. Listening to the podcasts along with the handouts provides another learning strategy.

You can see examples of how we do it here.