Easy panorama using sliders

Though I'd share this quick and easy panorama sample. The scrolling is smooth because the panorama image is the thumb button of the first slider. The buttons appear/hide based on the slider position. A transparent layer between the panorama and the buttons keeps the user from scrolling the image directly (so that they cannot scroll the image off of the slide).

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Michael Hinze
tin C

Thanks for sharing this is great, I was wondering if this something that could be used to show a time line?

Also, can someone explain how to use a slider, is it easy or hard to set up?

Here is some info on adding sliders in Storyline 2. And here are some examples of sliders, all created in SL2. 

Glenn Simsek
tin C
Glenn Simsek

There are also timeline examples at:



There is another good timeline example about canoeing or rowing, but I could not locate it.

Thanks for sharing the link, I really like the second example or using a slider, I will have to try it and see if I can do something similar. Do you know, when you move the slider the info that come at the bottom, is that a layer? or a separate slide?


Wendy Farmer

Have you downloaded to your desktop or are you trying to open from a network drive?

Maybe if you let us know the steps you are doing to download and open it that may give us an idea what is happening or not happening.

I've zipped the story file and uploaded it here.

If you download the zip to your desktop, extract the file and then try and open it.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Sandy when you respond via email the attachments don't load into the forum so I can't see your picture. 

If you've downloaded the .story file you should see it in your downloads folder. If it has a file extension of .story you should be able to double click to open it in SL2 or right click and open with SL2. If it has any other file extension > highlight and select rename and change the file extension to .story.

if you've downloaded my zip, you should see it in you downloads folder. Extract the folder and a new unzipped folder should display with the .story file inside. 

Sandy Bleeker

Hi Wendy

It's all working beautifully now, thank you so much for your patience and

Can you point me in the direction to fins the 'How to' for the panorama



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