Ebola and Storyline as a gamification tool


I usually use Construct2 to create small videogames. Recently someone challenged me to create my next game project with Storyline. Along with an expert in Ebola, we created this 'digital boardgame'. 

My experience is that when dealing with a big number of variables, other apps work quicker and better. Arrays, functions or loops in the triggers area would help gamification in SL a lot (yes I know that Javascript can be used, I just don't like how is embedded into SL). However, I am satisfied with the result and the potential of the tool.

Still a prototype with only one scenario, but any feedback will be VERY welcome. Btw, this game will be for free (and we are doing it as volunteers as well).

Click here to access the game


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Allison LaMotte

Hi Carles,

Wow! I think this is one of the most complex games I've ever seen here in the community.

One thing I found confusing was the "How to" and "Play" buttons on the first screen. It seems like when I click on "How to" nothing happens. I have to click on both "How to" and "Play" to see the instructions. I feel like it would be more intuitive if you redirected learners to the instructions directly after clicking on "How to".

Another thing I'll say is that I personally found the "How to" section a bit overwhelming. There's a lot going on on the screen and a lot of different options. I'm afraid that some learners will decide it's too complicated for them and not even try playing. Have you thought about explaining the rules as you go (doing a sort of "practice round") instead?

That's really all the feedback I have at this time. This is quite the undertaking, I'm super impressed with all the work you've put into this! Great job.

Jane Magness

Hi Carles, 

This course looks amazing! I would second Allison on the directions. Once I got to the game, I couldn't remember exactly what I needed to do. So maybe you're right, have learners do a practice round with guided instruction as they go. And/Or consider pop-ups with directional hints when a user hovers over a section during round 1?  Thank you for sharing, this has really inspired me to create more elaborate games using Storyline.