Editing audio in a FLV file

Does anyone know of a way to edit (snip a bit) of the audio in a FLV file?

My company used to outsource course development and now I'm doing it in-house. We have a course that was previously published that needs to be updated. The course contains several videos. The outsource company graciously provided me with the old ppt and the video files, but the videos were in FLV format. I need to cut a sentence out of each video but would like to keep the video intact...just remove the audio. Is there a way to do this without having the original audio file?

Thanks for any help!

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Pam Boyd

Thank you, David. Yes, there is interaction in the swf file and basically what I'm trying to do is remove the entire audio file associated with the file and replace it with another. The piece itself is very short..under two minutes.

I found a similar forum thread (http://community.articulate.com/forums/p/8164/46679.aspx#46679)  that suggested using SWFRIP software and I thought I had it! I could open the audio file associated with swf file and I thought I could simply replace that file with the one I wanted and save the new swf file and I'd be good to go. No such luck...it's like the swf file refuses to recognize any audio file other than the original! Frustrating to be so close!

David Celaya

Yeah, digging around inside of those swf files is some strange voodoo I just dont understand. I used sothink years ago to import some swf files into Flash so that I could learn from, and reuses some of the actionscript. But I almost always just copied pieces of code, and then rebuilt the piece I needed.

Up until your post, I didnt even think that flv's could be editied. If I was in your situation, I would have resorted to video screen capturing the exitsting swf, then combining with new audio in either a video editor, or ppt itself. Then recreate the intereactions in ppt if possible. Anything more complicated than "stop and go" type things, and I would have to build it in Flash. And its been a while since ive created an swf with Flash. Just haven't needed anything as far as interactions go, that we couldnt do in ppt.