Editing state with Hotspots

I am trying to edit states over the hotspots (shown in the video).  However, I am unable to view or do any editing because the edit states feature is disabled.  How do I enable that feature? 

My goal is to prevent the user from moving to the next slide until they have clicked on each note. 

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Helena Smith

Once I have set the adjusted variable to "True" for each note, I also set the condition on the "next" slide to move forward if the variable "Post IT" is True.  The problem is, if only one post it is clicked and marked as true the user can still move to the next slide.  How can I set this condition that all of the notes must be selected to "True" ?

Nancy Woinoski

Hi Helena, there might be an easier way to do this. If you replace your hotspots with shapes (make them transparent) you can add selected states to them. Once you have done that you just need to add a trigger that says to jump to the next slide when the state of all the shapes is equal to selected.