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Judy Nollet

I'm not sure what you're asking about when you refer to "Answer columns" on a "quiz results page."

  • Do you mean the Correct and Incorrect feedback layers on the quiz slide? If so, that's controlled in the Feedback Master layout.
    • For my courses, I delete the rectangle shape from the feedback layout, because master shapes can't be adjusted on a given slide. Instead, I add fill colors to the text placeholders, and set them up in a standard format on the master layout. But, since they're text boxes, I can still adjust them as needed on every slide.
  • Do you mean adjusting the response text boxes on the quiz slide (i.e., where you put the potential answers to the question)? Those resize to fit the text. You can expand the boxes to make them a bit longer, but there's only so much room on a slide. If you have a lot of lengthy answers, eventually the program adds a scroll bar -- but that's a horrible way to present quiz answers. It'd be better to reduce the size of the text instead (as long as it's still legible).
  • Do you mean adjusting text on the Results slide? All of the text boxes and shapes can be re-arranged  as desired.
Nicole Legault

Hi there Mary, 

Thanks for posting your question here in the community! The formatting for that is held in the report.html file which is in the published output, and it can be modified, however that type of modification of published output is outside the scope of our support, so I can't offer further tips on exactly how to do it but perhaps someone else in the community may be able to :) 

Nicole Legault

Hi Mary! That's a good question. Thanks for popping by and asking it. What kind of things do you want to do in Storyline? Have you considered registering for any upcoming Live Training webinars? As a part of your Articulate 360 subscription you have access to weekly webinars and we often cover how to do various cool things in Storyline 360. You might want to check that out: https://360.articulate.com/training 

You can also have a look at tons of helpful tutorials here: https://community.articulate.com/series/getting-started-with-storyline-360 This is the Getting Started with Storyline 360 tutorials series. 

Hopefully these resources help get you going... let me know if you have any further questions!