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Hello everyone. This is not necessarily an Articulate functionality question but more about seeking advice from all you L&D experts on the utilization of question banks. I created a course for my company requiring compliance. The subject matter experts created 100 questions for a 10-question draw and now they want to add 18 more questions, which seems outlandish to me! All questions would be set to random. How would you consult your client on this? Is this a good practice? Is there a "magic" number you use? I must not fail to mention that it took me a good portion of my day to create and edit these questions, and I'm not looking forward to making more. Please advise. Looking forward to reading your thoughts and rationale.

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Chris S.

Hello Patty

I create dangerous goods courses which have to be approved by our federal office of civil aviation (regulatory body).

The general requirement for DG classroom training is as follow:

- There has to be a test at the end as well as a second test, if someone fails on the regular one. 

- Two questions for each topic. (That makes four in total per topic covered)

For the online training, I do it as follows: for each topic four questions in one question bank and two of them are randomly pulled.

I would explain your SMEs that it is crucial that each participants is questioned for each topic. Having 100 random questions and pulling only 10 does not really make sense in my opinion as it is not guaranteed that each participant was questioned on all topics (and this should then also be compliant?).

to make it short: my "magic number" for online learning is "4 x relevant topics" (and pulling two from the four questions per topic). And yes, it's a bit of work to create all these question banks.

That's just the way I do it, maybe it helps to convince your SMEs :)