How to work with 100 or more Invisible Targets (ELC 296)

This week, the challenge (ELC 296) was to show how hotspots and invisible buttons can be used in e-learning. 

For my interaction, I refreshed a previous submission with improved sound fx, playability, and background information.

Join Anna and Aaron as they search for the Passover Afikomen.

This interaction uses random variables for player selection and the placement of the hidden object.

Multiple rooms need to be searched in order to find your goal. Along the way, learn about the 10 plagues of Exodus.

The hardest part about working with invisible object is getting the placement just right. The secret is to lock all the objects except your target on the timeline.

Then you can highlight (drag a box) over all of your targets and recolor them all at once. Mine were green while I was setting this up.

Leave your targets colored while you practice the interactions and test to make sure everything is working well.  In my game each target only needed a few triggers.

In the above example, "afikomen" is a random number from 1 to the total number of targets.  This number is drawn on intro screen before the kids move to the floorplan of the house.  If the target clicked is the same number as the "afikomen" then we run the layer that says the character won.

Once everything is the way you like you can highlight them all again and change the transparency to 100%, then you are ready to go.

Other features of this game include sound fx and music from and the text-to-speech feature of Storyline.   "Jason" is a little boy's voice and worked well for this.

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