ELC 318 - Using the Jump-to-Time Trigger in Storyline 360

Mar 13, 2021

This week, your challenge is to use Storyline’s Jump to time / cue point action to create an animation or interaction.

For my interaction, I selected a clown juggler from the Content Library.

I edited the picture and removed his arms and the balls he had in the air.

I then created an arm with a hand in PowerPoint and copied and flipped it so I had two arms.


The purpose of the exercise was to have an animation which was short and triggered a return to the beginning.  This entire animation takes place in 3.45 seconds.


Some techniques used

Each ball has two motion paths.  We use the arc path option.

The duration of each is 2 seconds.  The timing for the release of each ball was a little tricky.  I set the initial release for the yellow ball at .5 seconds after the red one and the blue at .75 seconds after the red one.

Subsequent throws were based on when animation completed on the previous throw.

As you can see above, I also used the ball movement to control some of the minor clowns animations.

I used collisions (intersections) to determine when to animate the arms.  Each arm moves in a small circular path.

Appearance of movement

Finally, I created a slider and used the circus tent as the thumb.

Each time the juggler stomped his foot, I moved the slider.

By adding 1 to the slider's value when the right foot went down and 2 from its value when the right foot went up we make it look like the clowns are marching slowly away from the tent.

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