eLearn quality in virtual enviironment

Hi fellow elearning heros,

We are using Articulate Storyline to develop our eLearn content.

Once content is published and accessed through an LMS environment, we are experiencing issues with audio and video content. Please note that the users that are experiencing the issues on the published the issues are on Wyse thin client (model CX0) virtual PC's. All other users on laptops and desktops appear to have minimal to no issues with quality.

Is there anyone else out there who is accessing eLearn content on a virtual pc and have had any issues with quality of multimedia e.g. Jittery video play back, raspy audio sounds, slow transition from screen to screen, etc.

I am looking to gather as much information as I can to take back to our IT department to help them understand what can be done to improve the quality that our end users on virtual PC's receive - if at all possible.

All thoughts and input appreciated.

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