ELearning Challenges - Thanks Goodness for them

I would just like to give a shout out to this community.  Due to all of the help, resources, and Weekly ELearning Challenges, I have already incorporated so many of the challenges into my own professional work.  Last week I was tasked to create 3 courses for a sales team that has a Star Wars theme.  Also, within the Star Wars theme courses that I am creating, I was able to add a Cover Slide (ELH #117) to the course, and it looks amazing. 

Thanks for the endless inspirations to Tom, David, and everyone who participates in this amazing community. 



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David Anderson

Thanks for the super-awesome feedback, Dana! The Star Wars challenge was one of my favorites... It's nice to know it could be used for real-world projects:-)

And thank you for all you've shared in the challenges! You were one of the first to jump into the challenges three years ago so I always think of you as a "founding challenger."

David Anderson

And thank you, Alexander! Thank you for all the creative examples, free templates, community support, and overall engagement you've shared over the past two years. I'm working to update our leaderboard and you're visibly one of the top contributors! And that's saying a lot considering the talent pool.