eLearning course that compares two softwares/systems


One of the new projects that I am getting into is about comparing two different softwares (used for the same purpose). It is meant for the experts on Software A to be able to understand what's new in Software B. So the course will include some general observations, feature comparisons, file system comparisons, etc. 

The default way to do this is to keep saying - 'this' works in Software A in this manner where as 'this' works in Software B in that manner. Which I don't want to do. I would like to make the comparison easier for the learner.

I wanted to know if anyone in the community has worked on anything similar? Any ideas, samples, or references would be of great help...

Thank You

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michelle eames

Is this an upgrade from A to B?

Aare there advantage to the process in software B over software A that you can use as selling points, e.g. software A took 10 steps but software B takes 3.

When Microsoft upgraded feom 2003 ro 7 and introduced the office button, they had a comparisn feature in from menus to Ribbons https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ff959696(v=office.14).aspx#section1.  It used to be online but it apears you need to download it - it might give tyou an idea.






Sayuj Ravindran

Very true statement Bob. But like i told Michelle, it is not a transition from old to new. But transition from a different system altogether. A very simple example i can think of is introducing the Mac OS to somebody who is an expert in Windows OS. So we need to tell them instead of minimizing, you can dock. The hard disc partition set up is like this in windows but you will have to deal with it differently in Mac... so n so...

Sayuj Ravindran

So what we have done is to identify some key topics. E.g., General Observations, File System, Program Execution, etc. And we are contacting the SMEs of both operating systems to understand how the File System and Program Execution is different in them. Once this is done, I am confused on how to present this. Like I said earlier, a comparison looks like an obvious choice. Just wondering if there is any other option...

Thank you everyone for your inputs...

Bob S


I guess what I'm saying (and not so well! lol), is they already know how to do it on the other system, right?   So you neither need nor want to spend their valuable  time teaching that anymore..... ESPECIALLY if they have no choice and must convert to the new way anyways.

Rather show the improvement/upgrade/difference only..  For example....

Old System - Task X

  • 12 steps
  • Requires 3 levels of approval


New System - Task X

  • Only 8 steps!
    • Let's review them together....
      • Step 1
      • Step 2
      • Step 3
      • Step 4
      • etc
    • Let's practice them....
    • Here's a Job Aid to remember them...
    • Tell us what you think?
  • Still 3 levels of approval - But Streamlined!
    • Let's look at how much simpler...
      • Approval #1
      • Approval #2
      • etc
    • Try a sample and see the time savings...
    • Let's see how it works in this scenario....
      • Scenario A
      • Scenario B
      • etc

What a few of us are trying to say is.... Yes, it's ok to draw out the differences compared to what they know.... but DON"T do a full side by side where you wind up reteaching the system they are leaving behind.

Hope this nuanced difference makes sense!