eLearning Development QC Checklist

Hello everyone,

Our team is finally able to hire someone to help with QC for our elearning courses. Do anyone have a checklist they are currently using and wouldn't mind sharing with me? We started to create one, but it seems like a lot of what would be on our checklist is subjective and dependent on the course design.

Would love any insight from everyone! Thanks in advance!  

--- Tram

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Rachel Barnum

I made this one fairly recently: http://www.ohthatrachel.com/2014/05/28/quality-control-template-for-e-learning-modules/

It's based on one that I used at my old company. It can be very dependent on the course (and I included space for that) but there are a lot of items that remain the same in each course. The first page is more of a guide that is editable, then the second two screens are where the QC person adds their comments and issues.

Nicole Legault

Hi Tram, 

As mentioned by others I do think the checklist greatly varies depending on the project and many other variables. 

That being said a few years ago I compiled this "Ultimate e-Learning Design and Development Checklist" that covers quite a few things, ranging from instructional design, to navigation, to visual design. This might be helpful for you! 



Simon Perkins

I've used a checklist similar to Rachel's but included columns so reviewers could report which slides needed tidying up along with any concise comments.  Google Docs is also a great way to manage this because of the shared editing capability.

IMO structured QC is often overlooked when it comes to signing off a project.  Then again, when it is implemented, it needs those involved to be disciplined in the way they complete it, otherwise the process can become one of double-checking, triple-checking and general wasting time and resource.