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Hi eLearning community!

I'm looking into some equipment for eLearning development.  I have Storyline360 suite but am looking for assistance for additional equipment you have found helpful.  One of the specifics I'd love to hear from you about is recording equipment...almost a mobile recording studio but without the actual studio.  I'm look for speakers, perhaps a padded wall to block background noise, etc.  I would appreciate any recommendations you might have from laptops to speakers to anything else.

Thank you in advance for your assistance! 

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Sukh Hundal

Thank you for your input, Holley!

Is there a specific brand of padded sound boxes you recommend or have used that worked well?  We record in a large building with multiple floors and there is always a door closing or opening, people walking, noise outside of the building, etc.



Holley Berley

I don't know of a specific brand that is best but I do know that you can find these boxes on Amazon and can check the reviews to see if they are of good quality.  There are actually YouTube vids that show you how to make one of these boxes at home.

My recommendation is to find a place away from as much noise as possible.  Keep in mind that air vents can cause background noise as well.  The box certainly helps absorb the sounds but it's still a good idea to be in a place as quiet as possible.

Holley Berley

I also recommend that when you are recording, you try to keep your mic placement consistent (distance from you to the microphone, distance from the mic to the box, room and place in the room you are in, etc).  This isn't really an equipment suggestion but just something I've learned along the way. :)