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Steve Shoemaker

I just joined the eLearning Guild about a week ago.  I agree with your comments about the activities and the costs.  I've been reading quite a few articles on their website and I'm very impressed with the quality of information.  I just haven't been able to justify $99.00 per year for a regular membership.  I may change my mind though.  I thought the price of Storyline was high and I almost didn't buy it because I already owned Articulate Studio.  I was so impressed with Storyline that I finally made the purchase and I'm ecstatic with that decision.

Rebecca Hay

I paid the $99 a year to join.

This is a bargain if you attend even one of their conferences because you then qualify for an automatic 20% discount off the conference registration fee. (DevLearn is the best IMHO)

The discount more than covered the $99, plus I get access to more reports and webinars.