eLearning Module-Feedback and visual design resources


I just completed an eLearning module assignment for my eLearning Design certificate program. The assignment was to create a storyboard of an eLearning module that included interactivity such as gaming and a badge. I don't have Articulate 360 or anything yet so I used PPT. I relied on some tutorials and readings from this site to help me make the most of it. However, I think that interactivity is much better in Rise and Storyline.  Anyway, I've attached it for anyone open to giving feedback. I'm receptive to all levels of criticism from the gentle to the aggressive!

I'm also looking for resources to help me improve my visual and graphic design skills. I'm not very good at picking colors or creating graphics and would love to learn more.  If there any articles or even books I should purchase, I'd love those recommendations.

Thank you!

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Allison LaMotte

Hi Kandice,

I just had a quick look at your course. I love how you centered the whole course around a story! That's a great way to capture your audience and help them understand the practical application of the content. 

Here are some resources that should help you improve your visual design skills:

I hope that's helpful!