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Hi all

The business I work for are finally starting to move towards a digital based blended learning approach. Which means plenty of eLearning to be creating for me. Great news! However, to say I'm junior to creating eLearning is an understatement.

As of October this year we purchased Storyline 3. We had basic training (3 day course) which was great to get us started on how to use the software.

I have since created two very different style eLearning courses. Which as, as to be expected, are a little clunky and definitely not polished or perfect. How I'm not ruling the world of eLearning yet I've no idea!!


So the question really is, does anyone have an advice or know of any training courses available on eLearning content development or generally anything that would help me develop my skills in the world of creative digital learning. I use eLearning hero's for some inspiration and read a little of the eLearning basics eBook.  I'm a very creative person, but, having the ability to in theory create anything you can think of, with the limits of not knowing how somewhat stumbles your creative side.

I'm open to ideas, self learning, visiting content developers, training courses. I'm based in Swindon in case courses are location specific.

Thanks in advance everyone.




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Phil Lord

Hi Allison.

Mainly around interaction ideas so it doesn't feel so much like a slightly interactive PowerPoint. Historically it due to using outdating software and having very little time, eLearning within the business has just had a power point feel with some clicking. Trying to bring in some fun, more interaction and some gameification. I been able to create an animated style video within Storyline but there's only so many times that can be done and not always relevant to the topic. Currently I've got two eLearning requests, giving some content may help.

1) Negotiating payment plans. How low is too low.

2) Asking for payments. Hints on how to ask and the impacts when not done correctly. Objection handling a little.

The issue is I've had limit exposure myself to great interactive eLearning so for once, im stumped on ideas. So trying to get either exposure or training on how to be able to create modern interactive elearning.


Hope this helps




Allison LaMotte

Hi Phil! 

It sounds like integrating some scenarios and gamification into your courses could be the way to go! Here are some resources I hope will help you get started:

And don't forget to check out the examples and e-learning challenges to see what other people are creating. It's a great source of inspiration! :)

Allison Goldthorpe

Hi Phil,

I learned Storyline from two courses on Lynda.com (at the time it was for Storyline 2- they might have been updated). Beyond those, I'd recommend taking a look at interactions that other people have built and picking apart the .story file to see how they're done. The Downloads section is a great place to start since they will all have the source file available.

For your specific use cases, I'd try to find some branching scenario examples. I think that would be a great way to add interaction and let learners test out how their responses would work.


(other) Allison

David Tait

Sometimes it can help to come with with your ideal solution, no matter how wild it might seem, and then search the forums/web for info on how to implement it. At least this way you aren't starting the process hindered by what you feel you aren't able to do.

Even if you can't find any existing info online the community here will always chip in with suggestions if you were unsure how to build something specific.

Megan Corker

Hi Phil! Everyone else has been really helpful with links and tutorials, so here are just a few tips (I've worked in digital learning for 8 years and was formerly a teacher).

>Make sure you use learning theory to build your courses. Don't be tempted to just build flashy Powerpoint presentations with activities. Base the activity on theory of learning, try Kolb's (it's an easy 4 step process) https://www.simplypsychology.org/learning-kolb.jpg By using learning theory you will be able to demonstrate learning has taken place. 

>Make sure learners know why they are doing activities and how it helps them to achieve a learning outcome. Activities for the sake of it don't make learning magically happen.

>When creating learning outcomes, think about what you want the learners to be able to -do- as a result of the learning and how you're going to measure it. How will the learner know that they can do something differently?

>Don't clutter screens and make sure that instructions are very clear. Assume lowest common denominator - some people barely know how to switch on a computer let alone complete a complex interaction.

>Learn how to use game functionality - this will take your eLearning to the next level.

>Take a short online course in graphic design - it will improve the quality of your eLearning. Often eLearning looks amatuer-ish when the developer has very little design skill. It's not all about designing an online lesson - you are now effectively a designer for web. This requires layout and graphic design skill to create professional digital learning experiences.

Good luck :-) Happy to provide advice when/if you need it.