ELH 309 - Creating Interactive Passenger Safety Cards

Jan 09, 2021

This week's challenge was create an interactive airplane passenger safety card.

I used the 2021 Pantone COTY pallet for my interaction. 

After searching for graphics on several airline sites, I found some I liked on Air New Zealand and used a snipping tool to make them my own.

I designed my intro page with a plane from the 360 Content Library and picked a fun font.  

cover pageI created the look and feel for my demo page then created layers for each part of the story.

Some text was too long, so I added scrolling panels then animated the panels to scroll on their own.

I added a slider to select the various layers in order.


I added text to speech on each layer and chose an Australian Female as my voice over artist.

Note: I just added some accessibility features.  Layers can now be selected using the numbers 1-7, and a button on the bottom of the screen allows toggling the text box text from normal colors to black on a white background.

With the basics outlined I wanted to spice it up so I went searching for background music.  I found a track called "Hero 911" and added to the opening page.  Liking it, I added it to the slider control page but lowered the volume way down.

I then added a button to the page but hid it so that it would only show up when my slider got to the far right end.  Click the button takes you to a credits page.  I repeated the font from the opening page as well as the airplane graphic.  And just for fun, I turned up the music again.


See the demo here: https://360.articulate.com/review/content/cde155ab-4407-4050-9d1c-349dab4247bf/review

 See ELC Challenge here: https://community.articulate.com/articles/creating-interactive-passenger-safety-cards



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