Dear Heroes,

The project we would like to build includes a assessment quiz in which we would like to introduce an eliminatory question.

Based upon a bad answer, the learner will be considered as having failed his assessment and then must be re-do his learning session. 

In consequence, such bad answer must be "sent" to the LMS in which the E LEARNING will be stored.

To your knowledge, how can I create an eliminatory question with STORYLINE 3?

Thank you in advance.



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Allison LaMotte

Hi Ludivine,

Here are two easy ways to do that:

  1. Make this question worth so many points that the only way to pass the quiz would be to get it right. 
  2. Make this question the first question the learner sees. If they answer it incorrectly, immediately branch them to the results slide. That would set all other questions to “incorrect”.

All of the learners' answers are sent to the LMS, it's just a question of whether or not your LMS allows you to see that information or not. I would contact your LMS provider to find out more.

Robby Vega

If you aren't randomizing the questions, you can but the eliminatory question either at the beginning or end of the quiz. If it's at the end of the quiz, you can have the eliminatory question trigger to complete the course when it's answered correctly. If you put it before the quiz, you could do the same and only allow the course to count as completed if triggered completed. 

Do the users know it's eliminatory?