Email or print a storyline slide?


I am trying to create a storyline slide that I can print and/or give the learner the option to email themselves. Basically it is a certificate to say the course has been completed.

Can anyone help me? I have attached the file but when I publish it and click on Print or email then nothing happens?

I am not even sure if the email option is a possibility (i.e. I am not sure if it will attach the slide) but any advice is appreciated?



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Mark Wilson


I have just realised that I put the wrong javascript command in the my questions are now these?

Does the print function NOT work in Firefox? (I have seen loads of threads on this via the forums but not seen a solution.

Can you give the learners the option to "grab" a storyline slide and email it to themselves?

All advice is very welcome.



Charlotte Bryce

Hi Mark,

Your learners can use the Print Screen function on their PC to take a screen grab of the slide and then copy that into a Word document or something like that if they require?

The print results button and/or print JavaScript works best in IE but doesn't always work in Firefox, from experience.


Kipp Heisterman

So....I have used Javascript and am able to have the user print the slide I want or generate a from email from a button using javascript as well...However, is there a way (using javascript or not) to allow the user to send the current slide to a specified email address? I want the user to complete training and then click a button to email the completion slide to the email we designate. Is this possible?

john faulkes

We've given up for now on getting SL to print stuff - we export the variables (learner's email address, name, result, etc.) to a database, add the date, then from there generate a formatted PDF. We can either then present it back automatically in a browser window, for printing or download...or email it automatically. It's not for the faint hearted SL power user but we can help you with it, get in touch to discuss further if you like.