Embed a PDF in Articulate

Dec 15, 2014

Hi Friends, 

I am looking to embed a PDF in my presentation using (Engage or Quizmaker). Ideally I would like the PDF to appear and and the the functionality to be read through. Then a check box (yes or no) confirming they have read and agree to the terms. I have a rough idea in my head how this will run, but wondering if anyone has any tips or other good ideas? 


Thanks! :) 

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Tim Slade

Hi Sarah,

I assume you're using Articulate Studio, this that correct? If so, you could do this with Quizmaker. Simply create a multiple response question with one answer (i.e., "I have read the document" or something similar). Then include the PDF content in the body of the question. If the users clicks the check box and hits submit, it will be tracked as correct. 

As for actually embedding the PDF, that might take some creative thinking. I'm not exactly sure how you'd do that. You'd have to host the PDF somewhere and use the web object function to embed it. It might be simpler to link to the PDF OR copy the contents of it and include it in a scrolling panel.

I hope that's enough to get you started. Perhaps another community member who has experiencing embedding a PDF can chime in.