Embed Website into Rise Course

Jul 10, 2024

Hi community!

I'm curious to know if anyone has had success embedding a preview window of an external website into a Rise course. I know how to use iframe code to embed a Google Form/Slides or a YouTube video, but for the purposes of this training I'm developing, we need to send have a preview window (interactive if possible) of a drug website. For example: https://www.piqray-hcp.com/metastatic-breast-cancer/efficacy/study-design

I started with:

<iframe src="url" width="640" height="1285"></iframe>


And then embedded the URL into the code before embedding so that it reads as:

<iframe src="https://www.piqray-hcp.com/metastatic-breast-cancer/efficacy/study-design" width="640" height="1285"></iframe>


But it does not work for me. Any ideas? 


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