Embedding Exe file into Articulate eCourse: recommendations?

Aug 23, 2016

Dear Friends at my favorite online Articulate community,

I would like to tap on your brains a bit. I have developed a simple eLearning course on 5 moments of hand hygiene to augment an existing handwashing campaign in my institution. Along with this is a First Person Shooter (FPS) serious game on "7 steps of Hand washing" that was developed using Unity engine with external collaborators. 

In a nutshell, the learner gets to learn about importance of hand hygiene via eLearning, Practice (F2F component) and use a blaster (water, soap bubbles, alcohol bombs) to shoot at germs.  See screenshots for a better idea.  

Our LMS can host articulate files no problem. Currently, the serious game functions as an independent file that is hosted in a standalone PC kiosk. 

1. My question is: "Are we able to integrate the eLearning portion with the Serious Game?"

The way I see it linking up is hosting the game in a separate server and using Articulate eLearning module to simply retrieve the downloadable link. Then user plays it after downloading into their own PC. However, this is rather tedious for learner. 

2. Question: Can the exe file be embedded within Articulate so that the whole "Hand Hygiene Learning Package" can be published as a standalone CDROM?

3. Question: Any ideas / suggestions on how the eLearning portion can be integrated with the game segment? e.g. a learner has to complete the theory portion before getting a password that will be needed to "unlock" the game segment, which serves as a reward of sorts. 

Thanks for your time reading this. Look fwd to your advice and ideas!

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