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Jul 20, 2012

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I was asked recently by a fellow e-learning developer about how to include a YouTube video as a web object in Articulate. Here are some useful tips...


When you go to a youtube video, there is a little segment that identifies the video (shown here in red) in the address:




Copy that identifier (in this case it is 0VqTwnAuHws), then paste it at the end of this text:




This gives you this new address:




If you use this version of the address, the video will fill the available area in the web object.


If you want the the video to autoplay when the user gets to the slide, not show related videos at the end, and hide “annotations” (the labels people put over the top of a video), you can format it this way:




(All the stuff in red stays the same no matter what YouTube video you use)


There is a lot of good information on these parameters here:



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