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May 31, 2012

For those of you that have specific curriculum's for your employees....do you have a name for it?


Company XYZ University

I am trying to come up with something catchy but still professional. I don't want to use University because our sister company uses something very similiar.

Also, how do you break your curriculum up? I am debating something like

0-6 months (new hire training, policies, processes, culture etc.)

6-12 months (upgrade training, compliance, general development)

12-24 months (cross training, job development, specific courses based on review scores etc.)


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Eric Nalian

Hey Gina,

  • We are Sun University! and we do not have any snazzy fun names for the Curricula - Community Manager Curricula, Office Coordinator Curricula, Maintenance Curricula, etc...
  • We spice things up with the names of our classes: Getting Down and Dirty with Water (Billing), Let$ Get Paid, Move em Out...
  • For a timeline, it was more of 'what is the priority of this skill/knowledge gained from this class'.
  • We have it broken down monthly: 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 12


Colin Eagles

Hey Gina,

We moved away from the whole "Company XYZ University"; it was a little constraining sometimes.  I personally find it liberating to not have a label (and therefore a "theme") to try to make everything else adhere to.

As for as the curriculum, we're a little different in that everything is broken down into modules that employees will work on when a) there is a need, or b) when they're ready.  So, for us, breaking it down monthly won't work.  The modules are all loosely based around the different departments, ie. HR, IT, Dept 1, Dept 2, Enterprise-wide, etc.  For the individual names of classes, unfortunately, we're not using fun names yet (sounds awesome, though, Eric!); we're sticking to "Onboarding", "Ethics", etc.

You might consider some kind of "naming contest" for a larger part of the company - we've run things like that in the past; it can help to find a good name at the expense of a $10 coffee card.  There is always a secret Shakespeare hiding in accounting or IT.  Good luck!

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