Engagement with dry content

Hey guys! I've gotten so much valuable information from reading the discussions here, and I'm hoping some of you can help me. I've been tasked with designing some elearning content that is really dry. It's going over types of contracts we use at my organization. My usual methods aren't proving that engaging because the content doesn't really have a graphical component. Or at least finding enough graphics is going to be such a large time investment, we determined it's not worth it. What I have now is an interactive click through sort of thing that branches out, and the learners read the content on their screens, and I'm not loving it. What do you guys do to spice up really dry content where learners are being tasked with mostly just reading words on a screen?

As an aside I have access to storyline and rise for building this content.

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Ray Cole

Why is the course being requested? That is, what is it learners are unable to do before taking the course that this course will help them now be able to do? Are the learners going to be using these different kinds of contracts? If so, how?

Don't focus on the content, focus on what learners are supposed to do with the content. Then your course can engage them in doing those things.

Sharon English

Totally agree with Ray. Once you land on why and what, I'd consider using 'remote' examples that are more relatable first, before getting into your 'backyard' contracts. For example, I used a ski trip scenario recently in a risk identification and classification course I developed. It was more fun and allowed learners to play before applying the same logic in a work-related scenario.