Engaging ways to teach competency list?

May 14, 2020

Hi everyone,

I'm putting together a course to teach our employees about our company's newly-introduced competencies. There are 3 categories (self, people, business) and 4 competencies per category. I'll be starting the course with an intro about what a competency is and why it's different from skills.

After that, I need to illustrate the expected levels of competency adoption based on pay grade. In other words, as you move into a higher pay grade, you should be eliciting more behaviors from the specific competency and I need to teach what those behaviors are specifically.

These competencies will be linked to performance reviews in the future, so I will have to keep the information straightforward and matter-of-fact. Unfortunately, I've hit a creative rut. How can I gamify this content and make it more engaging?! Please help!

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Allison LaMotte

Hi Emily,

I would start by taking a step back. What's the objective of this course? What are learners supposed to be able to do with this information? Are these managers that need to be able to recognize these competencies in their employees in order to decide who to promote or give a raise to? If so, maybe you could create a scenario around that and work the information into the scenario.

Emily Williams

Thanks Allison! You're absolutely right - it's been hard for me to see the forest for the trees! 

Since the ultimate objective is to help employees familiarize with our competencies and get comfortable with their meanings, I'm going to try out a self-assessment that helps the learner think through their current comfort and proficiency with each competency.

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