English-Korean Storyline Experts, please read this!

Possible work -- need to find resource people and solidify proposal.

Looking for Storyline expert who is native speaker/fluent in Korean and English, to place Korean voice-overs, screen text and reference notes for 9 to 11 courses (approx. 1 hr each) that we are currently producing in English.

We will provide Korean translations of our content as well as the Korean voice overs for inputting. The only modifications to Storyline files would be to revise timings of triggers etc. to fit differences in languages. We would look after modifications to any animations or videos if needed for timing with Korean voice over.

The work will not start for 3 to 6 months, depending on the timing of the proposal. A quick response to this request would be extremely helpful for us, as we can't move forward without having a sense of what level of cost we are looking at for production in Korean. Thanks for your interest.

Shawna Henderson

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Wim van den Bosch

Hi there,

Maybe I'm missing something here, but finding a native Korean storyline expert who is fluent in English is going to be pretty tough I think. Don't you think it would be easier to just have a Korean do the voice-over and translations...and do the revised timing, triggers and modifications with your own English storyline expert?

(if you need help finding Korean voice-over talent, I could help you with finding that)