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Jan 13, 2015

Hi everyone,

We recently rolled out some enhancements to the Discuss section of E-Learning Heroes in response to feedback from our avid members. The overall goal was to make it easier for you to jump right into the discussions you care about via a few key improvements:

  • Now you can hover over the Discuss link in the header and directly access the most popular areas within the forums:
  • We created a new All Products view and, for the suite of Studio products, have added a Studio view to make it easier to access the conversations within that group. Both can be found via the Discuss home page or via a secondary navigation bar within the product forum section:

  • While in either All Products or Studio we will display the specific product forum of each post so it's easy to determine if it's relevant to you:

I hope you enjoy these enhancements and find the forums easier than ever to navigate.

- Brian

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Jackie Van Nice

Hi Brian -

Thanks to you and your team for doing all of this! I've noticed these features but then think "Wait - was that here before?" So clearly what you're doing is quite seamless, but I've noticed I'm able to navigate discussions much more quickly.

Also - and I know this isn't about the Discuss area - but I awhile ago I noticed that the comments per page in the challenges seemed to get much longer. That's really helpful and I appreciate it very much.

Thank you again! 

Michael Hinze

This may have been mentioned before, but here it goes:

When viewing a thread, I can click the 'Bookmark' link and it changes to 'Bookmarked'. I can also toggle that link. When I click on 'Subscribe' it does not change to "Subscribed" immediately. Only after I leave the thread and come back to it, I see the "Subscribed" indication. I'm on IE11.

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