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Anna Groebe

I work with clients who have a similar dilemma. Basically, either due to the users' status as an external party (contractor, vendor, etc.) they do not have system access for security reasons as a company policy, or because their day to day responsibilities have very limited computer access (they work in a factory, retail storefront location, farm, etc.). However, because of the subject of the training, let's say safety procedures as an example, they all need to take the training.

We're still working on a viable solution that doesn't necessarily require in-person training. The shared email can definitely be helpful; say, their manager or supervisor's email is used and the users can take the training either in a group or by logging in with the shared email. I can't think of an LMS that doesn't require an email of some kind, unfortunately. They require them as a log-in feature and/or for notifications and reminders. I have come across someone who figured out how to take an unzipped SCORM file, post it on a website, and administer it externally that way. However, I don't think that you can run reports or track completions using that method.

If anyone has found a solution that works for them, I'd love to hear your thoughts, as well!