Entering name at course start that goes along for few slides

Hay everyone...!

Can anyone please help me on how can we give the learner an option to enter his name at the start of a course that goes along for few slides..


Slide 1:Please enter your name : ______( suppose he enter Tom)

(the name he enters shall automatically be displayed in next slide..)

i.e; Slide 2  should say - Hello Tom, Welcome to the course.


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Phil Mayor

Hi Asad

You wuld ned to do this in flash and then use flash variables to pass it to the next slides, onenterframe has code for how to do this.

Are you using an lms?  If so it is easy to pull the name out of the lms into a flash file, onenterframe has example code on his site, if you have no flash skills let me know and I can share a flash file that does this one


Annette Downing

I used Captivate 4 to do this (see link below) and imported the published file into articulate as a web object.  If you don't have captivate they have trial versions available.

For the web object type the following:


then after you publish both presentations you will need to move ALL of the captivates published contents to the articulate published folder: data > swf 

You can then view the captivate file within articulate.

Here is how you create the username widget in Captivate 4 or 5:


Hope this helps if you have captivate.