Entry Level ID Friendly Companies?

Nov 15, 2015

So I have been applying to different ID positions all over the United States. I have a background both as a teacher (5-12 Language Arts) and a Technology Integration Specialist. Anyway, I am not looking to post my resume here, but my question is: Do you know of any companies that are known for hiring new Instructional Designers if they have other related experience? I am in the process of completing a Masters in ID;  I wont be finished until summer, but I'd LOVE to gain some experience / land a job now, if possible!

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Christy Tucker

This isn't exactly what you asked for, but KeelWorks uses interns. You could get some experience to put on your resume, which would make it much easier to find your first paid job.


Career Education Corporation (which owns Colorado Technical University, American Intercontinental University, and others) used to hire new IDs, including a lot of career changers. That's where I had my first job. The company has changed a lot since I worked there (2004-2006), but they might still have entry level positions.

You might also try looking at the virtual high schools to see if you could leverage your teaching experience.

Also, if you're willing to relocate for a position, say that explicitly in your cover letter. I wasn't clear enough about that when I did my first ID job search, so I was eliminated from a lot of positions before I even talked to anyone.

Keep trying! It took me over 200 tries to get my first ID job. Getting that first one can be really hard. Fortunately, once I had instructional design on my resume, I've never had trouble finding any other job.

Rachel Barnum

Nicole, you may have luck at subscription based e-learning companies such as Relias Learning, Skillsoft, and so on. You may have a very specific task (writing *or* developing, maybe not both), but they typically have larger teams and therefore some entry level availability.

Edit: And UMBC has a very entry level/intern friendly ISD job board :) https://wiki.umbc.edu/display/isdjobs/Home

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