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Dear fellow community members, 

Thanks to this great article I can now share my e-learing content using Amazon S3. Dan's e-learning course of the rockband challenge inspired me to add a background to one of my courses.

Most of my e-learning courses are useable through this Amazon S3. Unfortunately there is a problem when I publish courses with an added background in the HTML file, like Dan's couse.  When I copy the URL link in my browser I can only see the e-learning and the added background is not visable anymore. The strange thing is that I can see the background picture when I don't use S3 and publish the file localy on my computer. 

I have checked the HTML codes on the Amazon S3 file and they are still the same as on my local published file. 

Is there anyone who has experienced the same problem and found a solution for it? 

Thank you!



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