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Feb 03, 2016


I recently started a job as an instructional designer and my company is creating an RFP providing eTraining for show production safety. 

The client hosts a live class and presents safety training using power point slides. There are eight learning units, each class ranges from 45 minutes to 1 hour.

We were provided one of the learning units, which is the longest presentation at 1 hour 30 minutes. They want to request video, interactive content, and assessment. I was not provided additional information such as a script they use for the presentation so I had to work with what and came up with an outline of how each learning unit could be divided into different sections. 

If I were asked to provide a time line for production how long would this type of project take? At the moment it would just be myself who may have to produce the content. Any advice on how to tackle projects is helpful. 

Unit 7 Outline:

Unit 7 Presentation:



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Azizi Abdullah

Hi Myra. I only prepare internal e-learning courses, not material for clients. My rule of thumb for a 10-15 minute course is 10-days (all work done by myself). For the course you attached I'd estimate breaking it into maybe 2-3 courses and adding lots of scenario based quizzes and quick tip print outs to help the users change their ways. To do all of this properly I'd probably want 30 days. Hope this helps.

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