Evaluation Forms for Pilot / Beta E-learning Programme

Hi All,

I'm nearly ready to launch our first elearning programme which consists of 11 articulate storyline packages within Moodle, it also includes Moodle quizzes. A certificate wcan be downloaded when all lessons are complete and 40% pass rate on all end of lesson quizzes.

We have about 7-10 people reviewing it and I'd like them to complete a questionnaire. My queries are:

1. Are there standard surveys out there that I could use rather than reinventing the wheel?

2. What format should I use i.e. word doc, print outs, survey monkey etc?

3. Ideally I'd like detailed feedback on each lesson but then an overall evaluation about the flow, navigation, meeting learning outcomes etc.

Any help would be great.



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Christy Tucker

Something electronic will be easier for you to collate responses than something printed. While you can do separate Word documents or Excel spreadsheets, then you have to merge 7-10 documents at the end of the process if you want one complete file with all the feedback.

Personally, I use a Google Sheet template for my review tracking. You'll probably want to change the categories for this (I get client feedback on flow, meeting learning outcomes, and content stuff in the storyboards, before I use this tracker). Everyone can access the tracker, and it's all in one document. All the reviewers can see each other's feedback, so we get fewer conflicting comments.